Etiq’Etains is making objects shine bright with personalised metal labels


Globally renowned for its ‘savoir-faire’ and mastery of materials, Etiq’Etains has been producing personalised embossed labels made of pewter for more than 40 years. The company has been a member of Alliance Labels since 2021, a group of 13 printing companies promoting unique techniques, skills and craftsmanship in France.

Etiq’Etains is a French company based in Dordogne which has gained a worldwide reputation for its expertise and mastery of materials. It is also the leading European specialist in personalised embossed pewter labels. The adhesive labels can be applied on all surfaces, including glass, ceramic, wood, cardboard, leather, metal, etc.

Thanks to the company’s knowledge of manufacturing processes, fully customisable labels are now available for countless industries, including:

  • Wines and spirits
  • All food products, in bottles, cans or sachets…
  • Perfumes and cosmetics
  • Decoration, trinkets, candles…
  • Luxury packaging and boxes
  • Business gifts, promotional items or tourist souvenirs…

Three types of finish are available for customers to chose from – The traditional finishes which are made with a vintage natural patina pewter. A luxury finish which mimics shades of gold, copper, bronze or silver after metallisation. And last but not least, a modern finish which incorporates partial or total colours.

A product that cannot be altered and is good for the environment

In 2021, Etiq’Etains joined the Alliance Etiquettes Group, which specialises in printing premium labels. Created in 2015, the alliance is today made up of 13 printing companies spread across France which support a number of players in the wine, spirits, food and cosmetics sectors make labels suitable for any type of surface.

Joining the group has bolstered Etiq’Etains’ pewter offering, allowing to offer ever more solutions, value and satisfaction to its customers.

Other advantages of using pewter, considered to be noble metal, to make labels is that it does not change overtime and is guaranteed to be lead-free. In this way, it is a real sign of respect for the environment at a time when such considerations are so important for all industries.

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