Markem-Imaje’s latest invention, the 5940G Touch Dry high-resolution inkjet coder combines quality and efficiency


The global provider of supply chain solutions unveiled its ultimate innovation last January – The 5940G Touch Dry high-resolution inkjet coder, which prints coding, branding and label-free text onto secondary packaging.

Compliant with the GS1-128 global standard and operating at temperatures ranging from 0 to 40°, the 5940G can be used on a variety of surfaces, from corrugated boxes to various food packaging including polystyrene for frozen foods, as well as shrink wraps.

State-of-the-art inks

The 5940G uses special Touch Dry inks, which dry on contact instantly, are free of odours and volatile organic compounds and are safer to handle, as well as less harmful to the environment.
It is also designed to improve the efficiency of production lines as the device’s heating time has been significantly reduced compared to previous models. A larger tank also reduces the need for operators to intervene and its ink containers can be changed without halting production.

Innovative technologies for the perfect print quality

Finally, the 5940G has been equipped with “Intelli’Flow” printheads, allowing for better quality and throughput, as well as reduced maintenance and less line downtime. These new heads help prevent nozzle blockages from splashes and dust, while a filtering process degasses the ink during printing to maintain a clean jet mechanism.
Combined with the Touch Dry inks, the “Intelli’Flow” heads enable the 5940G to consistently print premium quality complex barcodes which comply with the current legislation.

Video de présentation du 5940G par Markem-Imaje Corporate

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