Dedicated to the packaging industry

‘ALL4PACK gives elected representatives an insight into the diversity of existing innovations’

After meeting Roland Lescure, France's Minister Delegate for Industry, the ALL4PACK EMBALLAGE PARIS team is continuing its meetings with political decision-makers involved in transforming the packaging industry. Today's meeting is with Huguette Tiegna, MP for the second constituency of the Lot and chair of the study group on the circular economy.

Regulation: new rules for recycled plastic

A new decree, issued on 23 April, updates the provisions applicable to recycled plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with foodstuffs.

Fromm launches the Series 2000 banding system

Exhibitor at ALL4PACK EMBALLAGE PARIS, Fromm is launching a new series of self-propelled banding robots designed to save time and reduce labour costs.

Citeo announces the approval of its subsidiary Citeo Pro

Dedicated to catering packaging, Citeo Pro has just been approved for a six-year period to process packaging used by the CHR (cafés, hotels, restaurants) sector

Antalis presents the new colours in the Arlon Premium Colour Change range

10 new colours have been added to the range of Arlon Premium Colour Change vinyl films for vehicle wrapping, bringing the total to 40

Ambaflex: A new demonstration centre in Canton

Raising, accumulating and transporting: that's Ambaflex's core business. Anyone interested in these amazing machines now has a date with a full-scale demonstration in Guangzhou.

Algopal, the seaweed-based palette

As an exhibitor at ALL4PACK 2023, BacLANDPACK is announcing the launch of Algopal, a plastic pallet made from 30% algae residues.

Beumer: a stretch sleeve for safer packaging

Tailor-made for easy implementation as an integrated or stand-alone solution, Beumer stretch tubing features a secure seal to prevent tampering during storage and transportation.

Hybrid Software launches version 9.5 of iC3D Suite

Several new functions have been added to the packaging design and visualisation software.

What are the biobased alternatives to polyolefins?

This is the question being asked by a large number of players keen to reduce their environmental footprint. Lactips provides some clues in a new article published on its website.

New website for Envaflex

The flexible packaging printing and laminating company belonging to the Armando Alvarez Group has unveiled a new brand image and redesigned its website. Envaflex has launched a major overhaul of its brand image, symbolised by a new logo embodying " the modern, dynamic and flexible essence of the company, while retaining the heritage of reliability…

[3R] Packaging recycling as seen by CITEO & Coca-Cola France

On 27 March, ALL4PACK EMBALLAGE PARIS organised a webinar on regulatory changes in the field of packaging. This was an opportunity for participants to discover the "3R" strategies (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) of the participating companies. In this, our third dedicated article, we take a closer look at packaging recycling, with testimonials from Valentin Fournel (Eco-conception and Reuse Director at CITEO) and Olivier Larose (Sustainable Development Director at Coca-Cola France).
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