Carré Karton launches all fibre drum to cut costs and protect the environment


Carré Karton is a Dutch company which specialises in manufacturing square cardboard drums for packaging products in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. Its “all fibre barrel” has been specially designed to help its customers reduce costs while preserving the environment!

Seeing as protecting the environment has become an increasingly important motivation for all sectors, Carré Karton has come up with the ideal tool for all companies in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food sectors: the “all fibre drum”.

Square fibre drums with rounded corners, made exclusively from kraft paper, is the ideal solution for waste management problems when disposing of empty drums. These new drums have the edge on traditional round models, which are usually made from different materials, like cardboard, plastic, metal and compressed fibres. These are difficult to separate from each other and means the products cannot be recycled.

Carré Karton’s Square drums on the other hand, can certainly be recycled with everyday paper waste. The raw material used in kraft paper comes from replanted trees and Carré Karton drums have been classified as CO2 neutral products.

(Photo: Carré Karton)

The square cardboard drums also help maximise space in a warehouse and during transport. Customers can therefore save up to 50% of space, which in turn translates into considerable cost savings.

The drums’ robustness and uniform surfaces also ensures perfect stability when stacking them, taking full advantage of a warehouse’s height.

This stability also increases safety within the warehouses.

Visitors attending All4Pack next November will be able to witness Carré Karton’s “all fiber drums” first hand.

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