HYBRID Software: new solutions for printing labels and shrink sleeves

HYBRID Software is launching version 9.5 of its PACKZ and STEPZ packaging and label editors.

Hybrid software
Credit: Hybrid software.com

According to the developer, this update includes a number of enhancements designed to boost operator productivity in digital, flexo and offset printing of labels and packaging.
These include :

  • HYBRID Software’s new Colorspace colour management technology, which “ensures colour consistency between different printing methods such as flexo and digital printing, as well as between the different digital printing devices themselves”, with an easy-to-use interface that simplifies the high-quality colour conversion process.
  • A solution for the efficient printing of digital labels on reels, integrated with Packzimizer. Die-cut and stacked labels printed in bulk on large sheets benefit from cost-effective block imposition with less waste during die-cutting and finishing.
  • The introduction of CAPTURE 3D, an expert application for shrink sleeve quality and 3D modelling. Now, “precise grid distortion can be achieved in minutes instead of days,” says HYBRID Software.
  • The update of PACKZ’s trapping technology, which compensates for deviations from the elements in the graphics file during flexo printing.
  • The Trap Rules function, which makes it possible to “model the way in which the edges of the artwork should be trapped and increase the efficiency and quality of trapping for images and graphic elements in an interactive and automated prepress process”.

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