The SuperCup revolution is now

Berry Superfos has developed the SuperCup, a reusable, washable and stackable plastic cup: a real breakthrough for social, cultural and commercial event situations. At once a potential marketing standard and central tool of an emerging circular economy, it’s a real revolution we’re talking about here.

Berry Superfos’s SuperCup

Evolutionary legislation

For a long time, the creation of waste from the use of disposable plastic has remained problematic.

SuperCup’s enticing alternative

It is in this context that Berry Superfos launched its Supercup project: a plastic cup for beer and sodas that is reusable, resistant, stackable, but above all infinitely recyclable. The cup comes in two distinct models: the half (25 cl capacity) and the pint (50 cl capacity).

In this situation, the cup no longer becomes a mere expense or potential waste for the event, but can be fully integrated into a virtuous economic model in which the SuperCup will ultimately be deposited, then used, rinsed and reused later for another event, ad infinitum. In fact, this option is at first glance extremely attractive anyway, as it significantly reduces the quantity of disposable cups used during an event. The process could even prove productive with the deposit of cups becoming a potential source of additional income for the event organisers.

Lighter and infinitely recyclable

Berry Superfos’s SuperCup also has the significant advantage of being at least 30% lighter while remaining just as sturdy as other standard reusable cups on the market.

They are made of recyclable polypropylene, making them fully recyclable after use, even though the cups can be reused again and again. These cups can also be made from recycled plastics, offering the same quality as new materials, making this solution ideal for a circular and sustainable economy.

Finally, Berry Superfos’s designs also hold ISCC PLUS certification, which guarantees credible declarations on the circular materials used, as well as traceability across the control chain. This unlimited recyclability is one of the main advantages of the SuperCup.

A select marketing tool

Last but not least – a strength of the SuperCup is that it can be produced in the colours of the event or place it is being used: in fact, with its highly recognisable”beer glass” design, the SuperCup is ideal for printing designs, logos or messages, thereby becoming a powerful communication tool in its own right. The SuperCups’ capacity for flocking could therefore prove particularly interesting for brewers or drinks distributors, or, more generally, for festivals and all manner of large cultural gatherings.

Finally, the SuperCup’s strength and the various ways it can be designed gives it a further value in sparking the interest of beer glass collectors, yet another reason to keep the cup after the event, to continue to use it daily and not turn it into waste.

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