Citeo and Luz united against waste dumping

Luz’s bestseller, adapted to the “LUZ X CITEO” campaign.

After a successful partnership in 2021 with attempts to limit the impact of pollution generated by the dumping of waste in the oceans, both companies have this year launched a second campaign, this time for the protection of forest environments.

Partners committed to the environmental cause

Luz, a committed and eco-responsible fashion brand, has never ceased to impress since its creation in 2011. The brand regularly introduces new clothing items designed with respect for the environment. As for Citeo, it is a company which helps other economic players reduce their waste production.

To mark this new campaign, the two firms have created a limited edition organic cotton sweatshirt, bearing the “FOREST” logo, available since June 8. All of the profits will be donated to the “Forest Cleaning” charity organisation, which works to clean up the forests of Île-de-France.

Recycle everywhere, all the time

Citeo has long been committed to reducing the environmental footprint of households and paper packaging. From supporting companies in eco-design, recycling, reinforcing collection points or even mobilising consumers, it has launched multiple ‘action plans’ to carry out its mission.

Citeo is also working more generally to simplify and rationalise household and outdoor recycling.

Presentation of Citeo.

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