Storopack and Kärcher revolutionise packaging with Renature 3D, an innovative ecological solution

Storopack has teamed up with Kärcher to replace expanded polystyrene (EPS) packaging with their eco-friendly invention, Renature 3D, for packaging the Kärcher SC3 steam cleaner.

Renature 3D, made mainly from plant starch and certified compostable by TÜV Austria, reduces CO2 emissions by up to 50% compared with traditional packaging. This initiative underlines the companies’ commitment to a more sustainable future, using materials derived from the recycling of waste from the agri-food industry.

Sustainability and innovation in packaging

Storopack is conscious of its environmental impact, and aims to produce at least 50% of its protective packaging from recycled or renewable materials by 2025. Renature 3D embodies this objective thanks to its innovative properties. It offers protection comparable to EPS, ensuring the safety of products during transport. What’s more, its reusability encourages consumers to give packaging a second life, easily transforming it into new shapes for other uses. This approach helps to further reduce waste and promotes the circular economy.

Customised, efficient logistics

Renature 3D stands out for its flexibility and adaptability to different packaging needs. Unlike EPS mouldings, which require specific tooling, Renature 3D can be customised to different sizes and shapes at no extra cost, making it ideal for limited runs to mass production. Its unique cellular structure absorbs shocks, offering optimum protection against damage during transport. Storopack works closely with manufacturers and e-commerce companies to develop bespoke packaging solutions, maximising logistical efficiency while minimising environmental impact.

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