Hybrid Software launches version 9.5 of iC3D Suite


Several new functions have been added to the packaging design and visualisation software.

Hybrid Software has just launched version 9.5 of iC3D Suite, its innovative packaging design and visualisation software. On the menu: a number of significant improvements to streamline the workflow of packaging professionals and graphic designers.

Enhanced PDF editor

In particular, the new version introduces extended support for additional 3D file formats (GLTF, GLB, FBX) and major improvements to the internal PDF editor. ‘Users can now select the page areas of PDF files in use, and improvements have been made to the visibility of PDF layers. These features are based on Hybrid Software’s leading-edge PACKZ PDF library technology, providing a better user experience while increasing productivity’ announces Hybrid Software.
‘The PDF Editor is now available for iC3D Select and Designer editions, in addition to our full iC3D suite. This extension of functionality to other versions of the software allows a greater number of users to benefit from the enhanced capabilities of the PDF Editor’ adds Heath Luetkens, Hybrid Software Product Manager.

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