Schumacher Packaging innovates with its online shop for sustainable gift packaging


Schumacher Packaging launches its new online shop. The group is offering a new digital shopping experience for its latest collection of gift packaging, combining modernity with respect for the environment.

The initiative is part of Schumacher Packaging’s long-term goal to operate in a carbon-neutral way by 2035. Customers can now order online, benefiting from a simplified process and a variety of designs, including modern Christmas motifs and neutral designs for all occasions.

Schumacher Packaging’s commitment to digital and customer service

Anna Schumacher, head of the gift-wrapping division, emphasises the importance of digitisation in meeting current consumer trends. The online shop is not just a point of sale, but also a source of inspiration for shoppers, offering an intuitive and efficient user experience. The site’s user-friendly structure makes it easy to access information on products, availability and delivery times, guaranteeing an optimal customer experience.

Innovative, stylish and modern gift packaging

Schumacher Packaging is not just digitising its sales process; the company is also innovating in the design of its products. The 2023-24 collection features gift packaging with a refreshing aesthetic, including the “Modern Christmas” series, which stands out for its pastel colours and revisited Christmas motifs. The success of this collection is testament to Schumacher Packaging’s ability to combine tradition and modernity. In addition to “Modern Christmas”, the range includes various other designs suitable for Christmas and other occasions, underlining the company’s commitment to offering creativity and diversity in its products.

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