Sparck Technologies helps King Jouet grow its e-commerce business


King Jouet has chosen Sparck Technologies‘ 3D technology to optimise its end-of-year deliveries and reduce the empty goods carried by 45%.

The end-of-year festivities are always a challenge for toy retailers. That’s why King Jouet has invested €15 million in expanding its logistics platform at Rives-sur-Fure (Isère), offering three new cells, including one entirely dedicated to e-commerce orders.

Impressive gains

All that remained was to automate the process of packing toys ordered over the Internet. To achieve this, King Jouet chose Sparck Technologies’ 3D technology to increase its processing capacity to 500 parcels per hour. Other advantages of the system, known as CVP Impack, include the elimination of voids in the cartons and the reduction in the amount of cushioning material needed to preserve product quality.
The results are impressive: “King Jouet has saved 20% on its cardboard purchases and reduced the use of cushioning materials by 85% for all its shipments. In terms of transport, CVP Impack has also reduced the empty space in lorries by 45%, which has had a favourable impact on the environment,” notes Sparck Technologies in a press release. “We’re also going to halve or even triple the number of lorries needed to deliver to our customers,” adds Abdelatif Karali, supply chain director at King Jouet.

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