Retrofit, an alternative to buying new for your machines


ACSR-Solutions highlights the advantages of its Retrofit offer

The theme of “used machines and systems” as an alternative to buying a new machine is becoming increasingly topical. ACSR-Solutions is showing that even machines that have passed their prime can benefit from a rejuvenation cure. The engineering services company cites the case of a Kilian TX tablet press dating back to 1981, which it completely repaired (and upgraded) itself!

Numerous advantages

Retrofitting a machine instead of buying a new one has many advantages, which ACSR-solutions lists in its story.
First of all, of course, the price: “For almost all economic goods, the greatest depreciation occurs in the first two years. A good second-hand retrofitted machine is therefore generally available at half the price of a comparable new machine, and poses a calculable risk when using investment capital (for example, when launching new products or a new business),” notes ACSR-Solutions.
Another advantage is delivery times: “Instead of having to allow for waiting times of a year or more, a second-hand machine is often available within a few weeks or months”.
But there’s more: “Used machines also allow the end user to expand production capacity with identical systems without the need for costly new formats and extensive employee training on a new type of machine,” notes ACSR Solutions.
Which also warns that for a successful retrofit, “a competent partner” is required…

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