Solubag invents revolutionary, water-soluble and durable plastic

Solubag is one of the most innovative Chilean companies in terms of ecology. It offers plastics that dissolve without any residue in water…

The company was formed by a group of international companies made up of scientists, entrepreneurs and managers from Chile. These are people who are united by their concern for the environment and who have obtained the support of many international investors.

These investors believed in an innovative development that provides an effective solution to the serious problem of plastic and its waste. Solubag films and plastics dissolve in water.

Solubag has developed a technology that makes it possible to manufacture flexible and rigid films that dissolve in water without leaving toxic or polluting residues in the environment. This technology is made from the same material used to manufacture capsule shells for medicines, i.e. Tylenol gel capsules or similar.

To summarise the advantages of Solubag plastics:

  • Dissolves in five minutes
  • No toxic residue
  • No destruction of marine life
  • The water containing the dissolved Solubag plastic is qualified as suitable for irrigation by the Chilean authorities.

The company’s business plans to market the product in the Americas, Europe and Africa initially, and in the longer term throughout the world.

Picture from Solubag opening webpage

A partnership with Pharmapacks since 2021

In 2021, Solubag USA signed a partnership with Pharmapacks, an e-commerce and retail platform to support its expansion by strengthening its North American positioning. Pharmapacks distributes Solubag products via and

The partnership also gives Pharmapacks a unique partner to help it find greener solutions for its packaging and operations.

Cristian Olivares, co-founder and CEO of Solubag USA, noted at the time of the 2021 signing that the new relationship “accelerates the development, distribution and speed to market of its environmentally friendly materials and responds to a growing list of plastic-free products.

The company currently has a team of over 20 employees working on continuous technology improvement with the aim of creating a better world and passionately believes that it is urgent to start today to save the future of the planet.

It offers a catalogue of four main ranges: water-soluble bags (19 different products) and water-soluble film packaging (4 products) for packaging solutions. The company also markets a soluble detergent in sheets as well as protective masks (3 products).

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