Sogeva teams up with Totpack to launch new eco-refills and expand range


Sogeva has partnered with Totpack to offer its customers a range of horizontal bagging machines, compatible with sachet or stand-up pouches, using a variety of products, including powdery, liquid and pasty, as well as granular, wipes and solids.

Sogeva’s recent partnership with Totpack has unlocked new packaging possibilities, in particular when it comes to filling of sachets. Filling can be done using in-line formed pouches or in pre-formed pouches provided by their customers. This explains why the company was a natural choice for Sogeva.

With 40 years of experience, Totpack offers a wide range of high quality packaging and machines. These include a wide selection of horizontal bagging machines for both forming and filling sachets and doypacks, as well as a range of filling machines for pre-made sachets.

What the available ranges bring to the table:

  • Adjusting the dosage for powder, granules, liquids or pasty products, wipes or solid products
  • Single or duplex bags
  • Rounded corners, perforation, plugs, pre-cutting…
  • Markings by embossing or printing
  • Compatible with steamers, automatic case packers and palletisers
  • Can be connected with Clean-in-place (CIP)

As for the performance of their machines, they reach speeds of up to 100 cycles/minute in simplex and 200 cycles/min in duplex, depending on the application and format.

Pouch formats range from 50×60 to 300×350 mm (360×400 with preformed pouches), with volumes from one to 4000 cm3 depending on the machine range, format and products.

Thanks to this very complete range of equipment, Sogeva and Totpack have completed their mission of satisfying their customers needs.

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