Conveyors made to measure are what Carryline does best

In 1963, Ulf Henrekson invented a conveyor system by assembling aluminium rails and with a plastic modular chain made from Acetal. The idea of conveying synthetic resin pallets was thus born and Henrekson went on to found a company dedicated to its commercialisation later that year – Carryline.

A company with global dimensions

Based in Kungälv, Sweden, the company has today become one of the main players in the global market for designing and manufacturing conveyor systems, and has established distributors around the world. Almost 60 years since its creation and the company can pride itself on offering a complete range of personalised conveying solutions to its customers, which are tailored and adapted to their specific needs.

Conveyors which come in all shapes and sizes

Whether made out of aluminum or stainless steel, Carryline’s systems come in all shapes and sizes. They include spirals, which are particularly suitable for freeing up floor space. Pinch conveyors, where loads can be raised. Twisters, with the interesting feature of rotating products at 90 degrees without interrupting the flow. Or even top-grips, which allow flexible products to be mounted and are particularly suitable for sachets or soft packaging.

Carryline’s conveyors can be adapted to the agri-food industry
Pharmaceutical industry
Cosmetics industry
automobile industry
…or event he tobacco industry

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