SIPA, specialist in honeycomb material


With three sites in France, the SIPA group designs and develops customised solutions for parts made from cellular materials.

A polymer skeleton surrounding closed cells or cells opening onto neighbouring cells: this is the definition of cellular materials, of which Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) and Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) are the most illustrious representatives.
It is in this field that the SIPA Group has built its reputation. With its own design office, SIPA designs and develops solutions tailored to the technical and economic needs of its customers. The areas of activity (agri-food, automotive, construction, health, etc.) are as diverse as the uses (packaging, technical parts, thermal and acoustic insulation, etc.).

Our own range of products

Our machining centre also enables us to prototype customer projects. But SIPA also offers a range of its own products, such as a handling container or a reusable shuttle container for easy logistical flow of sensitive products (painted parts, machined parts).
The group has three sites in France: SIPA in Burgundy, PLASTYROBEL in Auvergne and CAPAG in the Paris region.

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