Schneider Electric and Airzone join forces for the better of home automation

Schneider Electric has partnered with Airzone in order to integrate the management of Air-Air heat pumps in its “SpaceLogic KNX” and “Wiser” ecosystems.

The partnership comes at a time when energy savings are becoming a challenge and a priority.

Airzone, who are they?

Part of the Altra Group, Airzone focuses on the research, development, manufacture and marketing of innovative products and services. Its headquarters and factory are located in Malaga, Spain, and employ over 360 people.

Founded in 1997, the manufacturer of heating and air conditioning control systems has become a leader in the construction sector by offering innovative alternatives. The company’s aim is to offer greater comfort and a better distribution of energy consumption in electrical installations, with intelligent control devices that can achieve energy savings of up to 38%.

A context of energy crisis

The company’s offering and its advantages are certainly in line with the times, given the intensification of the climate crisis, the conflict in Ukraine and the entry into force of the RE2020, which bans the installation of gas boilers in new buildings. Also the BACS (Building Automation & Control Systems) decree which changes the landscape in terms of energy savings, and more particularly, the sustainability of temperature management systems in buildings.

Policy initiatives are pushing the French, as well as the vast majority of economic players, to equip themselves with less energy-consuming devices, such as heat pumps. And the energy crisis is only accelerating the phenomenon, by pushing industries even harder to reduce energy consumption, particularly in the building sector, which alone accounts for 44% of energy consumption and nearly 25% of CO2 emissions.

That’s where Schneider comes in!

It is therefore within this context that Schneider Electric has chosen to sign a partnership with Airzone. The energy management and automation giant will therefore adapt its home automation systems to make them compatible with Airzone installations.

This partnership will eventually see the management of Airzone’s Air-Air heat pumps fully integrated into Schneider Electric’s SpaceLogic KNX and Wiser ecosystems, giving the latter the broadest home automation offering on the French market.

A multi-phase partnership

Thus, from November 2022, Schneider Electric’s SpaceLogic KNX connected ecosystem will allow the management of Airzone’s heating and cooling solutions used in the installation of air-to-air heat pumps. From this point on, Schneider Electric’s eConfigure KNX graphical configuration software will integrate Airzone’s “Aidoo KNX” and “Plenum” gateways, which will allow for the management of heat pumps.

Subsequently, Airzone’s heating and cooling solutions will be fully integrated with Schneider Electric’s Wiser and Wiser KNX ecosystems from April 2023. Then customers with air-to-air heat pumps will be able to manage the air temperature room by room and programme the systems from their smartphones in seconds, using the Wiser and Wiser KNX home automation management applications.

Through this partnership, which is resolutely geared towards more controlled and responsible energy consumption, Schneider Electric is responding to the need for home automation control through new-generation, more energy-efficient heating solutions that are driven by both the RE2020 and the BACS decree, both of which aim to make buildings less energy-intensive and more sustainable in order to meet current and future challenges.

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