Sustainable packaging according to ULMA Packaging


The mass use of plastics over the past 50 years and its impact on the environment means the plastics industry’s various players have had to adapt and come up with innovative and effective solutions to address this global, ecological challenge. Since 1961, ULMA Packaging has positioned itself as a major player in packaging solutions, particularly in the food and pharmaceutical sectors.

Considering the necessity of plastics in our modern economy and lifestyle, ULMA Packaging strives to provide its customers with a guarantee, that its solutions favour a viable circular economy and performance, in particular through the launch of the #ULMAweCare programme.
The programme revolves around three pillars: Recycling, reducing the amount of materials used and food safety, while also limiting related waste. It cuts across several R&D (research and development) areas, wile promoting the adoption of sustainable innovation across the company’s entire range of packaging solutions.

A perfect example of its adherence to these values is the LeafShrinkTM packaging process – a system developed by the company for sliced food products. It offers a number of practical advantages, including packaging which is fully and easily recyclable, using up to 85% less plastic compared to conventional packaging options. It also ensures suitable storing conditions for products, while at the same time being easy to open thanks to its adhesive label.

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