Partnership between PBH and TMI: Packed, it’s weighed!

The French flexible packaging specialist PBH is joining forces with TMI, the Spanish company specialising in end-of-line and commissioning solutions, in order to offer ever more efficient and relevant bagging and packaging solutions.

A mutual quest for new prospects

It was in the summer of 2021 that this partnership was born, when the two companies were on the lookout for new horizons. TMI, eager to maintain the pace of its development on the French market, made the natural choice to join forces with PBH which, at that moment, was looking for a new supplier capable of adapting to the market’s demands and particularities. A perfect opportunity to join forces.

The combination of two mutually advantageous fields

Thanks to their respective pooled expertise, PBH and TMI are able to look after the main needs of a company’s production chain; where the former supplies machines for the manufacture of flexible packaging, the latter then provides dedicated machines for bagging, palletizing and wrapping products at the end of the line.

The combined specialist advice of PBH and TMI to their customers

Aside from seeking new prospects, this partnership also aims to give customers the best advice by providing them with their respective expertise and continually offering better solutions to budgets and needs.

Presenting PBH France
Showcasing TMI’s work

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