National Packaging Council in France and what it represents for the industry


To mark 25 years, the National Packaging Council has drawn up a review of what it means for the country.

It serves as a reminder that France has much to be proud of in the sector which generates jobs, research and innovative solutions.

Known as the Conseil National de l’Emballage in France, the organisation recently published a list of facts and figures on the importance of packaging for the nation while celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.

It is a major sector in France with the best estimates, in the absence of official statistics, placing packaging turnover in the region of 30 to 35 billion euros generating nearly 200,000 direct jobs. It is also an innovative sector.

France is in the TOP 4 worldwide for its packaging, along with the United States, Japan and Germany in terms of design, patents and models relating to the packaging business. There are many well-known design and engineering schools in consumer product packaging.

In addition, the sector has been deeply involved in sustainable development for the last 25 years, with a material recycling rate of 68% for the household section and even more for industrial and commercial packaging. There is a great commitment to eco-design, with the ongoing reduction in the weight of each packaging model being an undeniable success.

National Packaging Council in France turns 25
Credit: RoseBox / Unsplash

An Expert Committee for the right packaging

Created in 2013, the council’s expert committee is set up to help companies draft their environmental commitments relating to packaging in a robust, understandable and verifiable way by giving advice. The committee also monitors economic players who do not comply with the rules, market ethics or the group’s “environmental allegations” guide.

The mission of the National Packaging Council is to develop and disseminate best practices for the design, marketing and use of product packaging. Historically very involved in the development of a packaging waste prevention policy, the organisation aims more generally to be a driving force in the development of a responsible eco-design policy for product-packaging. Aims include:

❱ Developping and disseminating best practices for the design, production, distribution and use of product packaging.

❱ Voicing opinions or recommendations for the attention of the various stakeholders.

❱ Being a driving force in the development of a responsible eco-design policy for product packaging.

❱ Developping and promote prevention and reduction of packaging at source.

❱ Fostering dialogue between partners.

The National Packaging Council in France has 24 members, including the ALL4PACK Emballage Paris show.

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