Ulma’s TFS thermoforming machines awarded 3A certification for food safety

ULMA Packaging‘sThree TFS thermoforming machine models have received the prestigious “3-A Sanitary Standards, Inc.” certificate for their very-high level of food safety.

A rigorous certification

Developed in the 1920s, the 3A certificate aims to certify that food intended for human consumption is properly protected against contamination, as well as to ensure that all surfaces in contact with the produce can be mechanically cleaned and manually dismantled for detailed inspections. This standard instigates design based on smooth, accessible, non-absorbent, corrosion-resistant surfaces which are, of course, completely free of lead or lead solder.

Ulma machines

Food safety as a mantra

ULMA Packaging has made it a point of honour to equip its machines with all of the proper features in order to provide their customers with an impeccable degree of food safety in the agri-food, beverage, dairy and pharmaceutical product sectors. This guarantee of food safety for the consumer and public health is not new to the company, which clearly states this objective through its #ULMAweCare program.

Obtaining the 3A for these three thermoforming machine models is yet more proof of the seriousness of this commitment.

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