Pandobac offers economical reusable container rentals

Supported by ADEME, Citeo and BPI France, the company has been awarded the Greentech Innovation label by the Ministry of Ecological Transition

Co-founded in 2019 by Anaïs Ryterband, Shu Zhang and Roch Feuillade, Pandobac provides solutions to switch from disposable to reusable packaging for large and medium-sized businesses, catering and in specialist distribution sectors.

With its headquarters in Rungis and made up of around ten employees, Pandobac operates throughout France. The company’s packaging products offer multiple advantages, both economical and ecological. They are also stackable and palletizable, saving space and considerable time for the professionals who use them.

Farewell cardboard boxes, crates and polystyrene containers!

The AGEC law of 2020 ruled that 5% of packaging placed on the market should be reusable by 2023, to increase to 10% by 2027. This directive also includes a guiding principle that “the polluter pays,” with an eco-tax on disposable packaging, which will apply to catering suppliers. This is particularly relevant to Pandobac, which has been able to develop its rental-management offer for food manufacturers and professionals. It follows in the footsteps of many initiatives in the sector, particularly in events, with reusable plastic cups.

Pandobac: reusable and profitable

The Pandobac solution offers an economical alternative to disposable packaging. By taking the form of a monthly subscription per container, the cost per use decreases. This makes it 10 to 30% cheaper than traditional packaging, while applying the principle “the best waste is waste that doesn’t exist”.

The Pandobac solution is thus more economical, more convenient, but also more ecologically sustainable than traditional packaging solutions. Starting from 20 cycles, these reusable containers constitute a real advantage from an environmental protection perspective.

The process is simple and rests on a circular logic. The customer prepares their orders in reusable Pandobac containers instead of disposable packaging to deliver to their own customers. The latter will keep the stackable and nestable containers until the next delivery. Finally, the delivery worker takes the containers to return them to the Pandobac washing centre, where they are cleaned before being put back into circulation.

Making zero waste B2B delivery accessible…

The company in this way offers the rental of reusable containers that are adaptable to activity but especially to the transport of goods. It also monitors the containers using its own tool, which reports on the entries and exits of packaging stocks. It also oversees collecting and washing the containers.

The Pandobac solution is aimed at wholesalers as well as manufacturers or producers: they pay according to their container use. It’s a bill with a 30% reduction on disposable packaging, plus the benefit of sustainable logistics and zero waste! The formula has already been tested with 40 suppliers, including the Transgourmet France group for delivery packaging for seafood products, as well as for fruit and vegetables.

… and assuring personalised support

Pandobac supports food and distribution companies in their plans to transition to reusable packaging, providing advice from the feasibility study phase to implementation. Pandobac’s solutions for professionals make it possible to consider and respond to the many challenges posed by the necessary transition to reusable packaging (investments, weight of containers, change of logistics processes etc).

The result ? The application of a sustainable solution that greatly reduces the environmental impact of packaging, as well as the cost of waste management. With this initiative  Pandobac has already made it possible to avoid the use of more than 400,000 single-use packaging items, in other words, around 320 tonnes of potential waste.

Pandobac presents its rental-management system

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