Packaging: consumers vs. retailers

How are retail professionals responding to packaging issues? Are retailers meeting consumer expectations? These are the two questions at the heart of the study on packaging in retail that Infopro Digital has just published for LSA and Henkel.

Differing views between retailers and consumers

What remains to be defined, however, is what constitutes “good” packaging. And this is where opinions differ between professionals and consumers. “For the retailers surveyed, recyclability, reduction of over-packaging and design with recycled materials are the main aspects that eco-responsible packaging must meet, whereas consumers are mainly in favour of packaging that is biodegradable or compostable, reusable or refillable and designed with recycled materials,” reads the study.

Doing better… but not more expensive!

This perhaps explains why consumers are convinced that retailers are not doing enough on this subject. More than half of them (55%) believe that retailers are not doing enough to promote the use of responsible packaging. Almost as many (54%) deplore the lack of information on the nature of packaging.
But are consumers prepared to make the first effort? If so, it won’t be financial: 60% of consumers are not prepared to pay more for a product with more responsible packaging.

The study was carried out between 2 November and 8 December 2023 on a sample of 1,000 consumers and 215 retailers.

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