NP1: the new Craemer pallet


Exhibitor at ALL4PACK EMBALLAGE PARIS, Craemer is offering a new lightweight and robust nestable plastic pallet made from high-quality polyethylene (PE).

The pallet (1200 x 800 x 146 mm) is manufactured by one-piece injection moulding, with nine bevelled feet. Cut-out entry openings on the transverse and longitudinal sides allow easy removal using a forklift truck. With the NP1, Craemer promises “effortless manual stacking and unstacking”.

Volume reduction during empty transport and storage

The manufacturer highlights another advantage of NP1: “One of the main benefits of this nesting system is the significant reduction in volume during empty transport and storage, resulting in significant savings on transport costs and storage space, while improving the profitability of rotations”. However, Craemer’s NP1 pallet is still heavier (8.5 kg) than other lightweight nestable pallets on the market, which means it can be expected to provide reliable stability and a longer service life. “At the end of its life, the NP1, made from PE, can be 100% recycled,” adds Craemer.

Retail, mass distribution, fruit transport…

These characteristics make the NP1 ideal for a wide range of uses. “The NP1 plastic pallet is the ideal load carrier for all applications requiring space-saving solutions, particularly in retail and mass distribution. In the fruit and vegetable sector, openings in the top deck of the NP1 pallet, manufactured in a single piece, ensure sufficient air circulation and therefore aeration of the goods stacked on top of each other. This significantly reduces the risk of rot or mould,” explains Craemer, which also highlights the virtues of its Palgrip® non-slip coating and “reinforcing profiles that increase resistance to bending”.

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For more information, click here

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