INNOVATIONS SERIES: multifunctional packaging, combining practicality and sustainability


Discover the Innovations series, inspired by the winners of the ALL4PACK Innovations 2022. In the “Design & Ergonomics” category, Goglio stood out with its innovative 2-in-1 multifunctional packaging, which is as practical to use as it is to store.

The most striking and innovative sustainable solutions of the year are brought together in our Innovations series, at the heart of the new trends in the packaging and intralogistics ecosystem!

Multifunctional packaging: practical, durable and versatile

The emergence of multifunctional packaging represents a significant milestone in the transformation of the packaging world over the years.

Multifunctional packaging goes beyond its primary function of containing and protecting products, and offers remarkable versatility in its use.
Practicality redefined

Multifunctional packaging stands out for its practicality, offering consumers an unparalleled user experience.

Multi-purpose packaging is distinguished by more clever features:

  • Easy opening
  • Modular compartments
  • Hermetic closure systems

Innovative packaging that aims to simplify users’ daily lives and adapt to the needs of modern life. The essence of multifunctional packaging is to offer complete accessibility to the packaging, while preserving the safety, quality and integrity of the products.

Increased practicality is a strong point for consumers, and a strategic asset for manufacturers, whose aim is to stand out from the crowd with unique packaging in a competitive market.

Multifunctional packaging, technological innovation and environmental impact

One of the most commendable aspects of multifunctional packaging is its commitment to sustainability and the environment. Designed to minimise waste and reduce the ecological footprint, this packaging is part of a responsible approach to both production and consumption.

By favouring recyclable materials and energy-efficient manufacturing processes, multifunctional packaging is positioned as an eco-responsible solution.

This sustainable approach meets the growing expectations of consumers who are concerned about the ecological impact of the products they select, and enhances the reputation of companies that adopt practices that are compatible with their pro-environmental considerations.

By reducing superfluous materials, favouring biodegradable options or adapting packaging to different products, multifunctional packaging helps to preserve natural resources.

The integration of technological innovations such as smart labels, interactive QR codes and integrated sensors optimises product traceability and enhances safety while enriching the user experience.

Recent advances demonstrate the packaging sector’s ongoing commitment to moving towards more sustainable, intelligent and environmentally-friendly solutions – alternatives that will be showcased at ALL4PACK Innovations, the show’s highlight.

ALL4PACK Innovations, sensitive to the ergonomic design of eco-friendly multifunctional packaging

During the last edition of ALL4PACK Innovations, one exhibitor at ALL4PACK EMBALLAGE PARIS managed to win over the jury thanks to its inventiveness in terms of the multifunctionality of its packaging.

Goglio presented the committee with the Pillow UP, an innovative, intelligent, all-terrain packaging product, which propelled the winner to the top of the list in the “Design & Ergonomics” category.

Pillow UP, the smart 2-in-1 packaging, flat or upright in a single gesture.

Pillow UP packaging is the latest innovation from the Goglio Group’s Research and Development department. It’s a sustainable, innovative solution for multifunctional packaging that combines practical aspects in terms of both production and storage.

Used either flat or upright, Pillow UP packaging revolutionises the approach to the product-packaging pairing thanks to its versatility and the adaptability of the packaging to the product. It’s a different approach to eco-design, one that helps to optimise packaging and keep it lean.

At each edition of the ALL4PACK EMBALLAGE PARIS trade show, the Press Jury and the Pack Expert Committee highlight the packaging ecosystem players most committed to environmental and social responsibility, during the ALL4PACK Innovations.

Companies that embrace the changes required for the ecological transition have the opportunity to strengthen their market position as responsible players. This is a real advantage in the face of consumers who are becoming increasingly demanding in terms of the CSR commitments made by manufacturers.

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