Cepi launches a climate-neutral initiative for the European paper industry


The Confederation of European Paper Industries (Cepi), in collaboration with partners from the clean energy sector, recently published a checklist aimed at future policy-makers in the European Union.

This initiative aims to steer Europe towards climate neutrality by 2050, focusing on the specific needs of the forest fibre and paper industry. The initiative comes at a crucial time, with the forthcoming elections to the European Parliament and the renewal of the European Commission, offering a unique opportunity to fill existing gaps in current climate and energy policies.

The five conditions proposed by Cepi for a sustainable industry

Cepi, supported by an advisory group of sectoral organisations, is proposing five conditions to ensure an effective and sustainable energy transition in industry. These conditions include access to affordable, fossil-free energy, facilitating on-site renewable energy production, promoting the voluntary integration of industry to reduce emissions, putting in place financial instruments to mitigate investment risks, and encouraging innovation in energy efficiency. These measures are designed to maintain industry’s competitiveness, while making progress towards climate objectives.

Industry commitment and a call for political action

Jori Ringman, Cepi’s Director General, emphasised the industry’s commitment to climate policies and the importance of new political measures to achieve Europe’s climate objectives. He warns of the risks of de-industrialisation and an increase in global CO2 emissions if a balance is not found between decarbonisation and competitiveness. The pulp and paper industry, which has already reduced its CO2 emissions by 39% since 2005, is demonstrating its potential for decarbonised economic growth. Cepi therefore calls on decision-makers to recognise and support this balance for the sustainability and prosperity of the European paper industry.

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