LRG Packaging, advanced technologies for total flexibility


LGR was founded in 1987 after the merger between three family factories specialising in cardboard packaging

LGR specialises in the pharmaceutical and personal care sectors in particular. With 8 sites focused on pharmaceutical packaging, LGR Packaging is one of Europe’s leaders when it comes to boxes and boasts a perfect knowledge of the market, its practices and requirements.

The company has preserved its original values ​​and independence, which allows it more freedom for action and forward-looking management based on the continuous improvement of its products and its offering.

The products offered by LGR are:

  • Packaging with all types of fold lines (G, F, E, B, C), and double-scores. Offset printing (acrylic/UV) and various shaping and finishing techniques make it possible to produce very high quality sales packaging.
  • A wide range of compact cardboard boxes which can be adapted to all types of fittings. These can be transformed (virgin, recycled, metallisation, laminated) and all types of construction imaginable can be realised. Printing (acrylic/UV) and these various finishing and shaping techniques (metallisation, cold/hot stamping, embossing, removal of windows and glueing elements) thus makes it possible to meet the demands of LGR’s target markets such as pharmaceuticals and healthcare, as well as premium projects in other sectors. LGR Packaging currently produces 2.5 billion cardboard boxes per year.
  • Specialised labels (in multiple languages, with dosages and more detailed descriptions) which are getting bigger due to more stringent regulations regarding the legibility of characters. To maintain optimal packaging, the trend has been to reduce weights and make folds more complex, as evidenced by the development of the standard Tagserts and Outserts labels.
  • The production of rigid boxes, with many possible shapes available and accessories (magnets, clasps, ribbons, etc.), allowing designers to express their creativity! This range of products complements the company’s folding packaging, which can be enhanced through manual finishing, pre-assembly, etc.
  • Point-of-sale displays are increasingly becoming a powerful in-store marketing tool and being made to look particularly attractive to consumers.

Producing large offset printed displays, delivered flat (Box 1/4 pallet, Box 1/2 pallet and POS all cardboard) is possible thanks to LGR Packaging’s machine park.

GR therefore offers cutting-edge industrial technology and great flexibility thanks to the latest generation of equipment, a high degree of flow automation and an XXL packaging range, as well as producing multipiece packages.

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