Lexngo: an “eco-revolutionary” at ALL4PACK EMBALLAGE PARIS


“ECO mission on the go” is the motto of Lexngo, a Hong Kong-based company founded in 1989, which is presenting a diversified range of silicone-based products at ALL4PACK EMBALLAGE PARIS.

Lexngo offers two product ranges to meet the needs of different consumer markets.
Lexliving targets the home, kitchen and stylish lifestyle market, while Lexnfant targets the market for essential products for babies, toddlers and children. But from straws to collapsible lunch boxes, the line followed remains the same: that of the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). “We incorporate the 3Rs into the design of our products, to educate the public about reducing the consumption of single-use disposables while encouraging them to embrace the ECO idea of Reuse and Recycle. This coincides with our business motto ‘Daily ECO Living’, to ease the burden on the Earth’s limited resources” explains the brand on its website.

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