HepcoMotion GFX-r: a new solution for high payloads


This new solution combines HepcoMotion‘s GFX-r guidance system with the XTS drive developed with Beckhoff.

Intelligent transport systems are experiencing strong growth, marked by a marked increase in applications with higher payloads. Responding to this market demand, HepcoMotion’s GFX-r allows movement on rectangular trajectories to meet higher payloads (up to 40 kg) and process constraints.

Increased payload capacity

“With its impressive payload capacity, the GFX-r is designed to meet the demands of a number of sectors, including packaging and logistics,” says HepcoMotion. The GFX-r is particularly suited to machine cells incorporating robots, power tools and sensors, as well as automated assembly and inspection systems. “The possibilities are endless. In fact, any application with loads of up to 40 kg, high load moments and increased process constraints has a great deal to gain,” stresses HepcoMotion.

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