Igus innovates with the E4Q.64L, its new cable carrier chain


Igus unveils its latest innovation, the E4Q.64L. This new, lighter version of the E4Q machine promises savings of up to 20% compared with its predecessor.

Thanks to a bionic design, it maintains the balance between robustness and lightness, while being more economical. This advance represents an opportunity for applications requiring less robustness, such as machine tools or car washes, offering a quality solution at a reduced cost.

E4Q.64L: lightweight, bionic and durable

The E4Q.64L stands out for its improved structure. Igus engineers have redesigned the flanges, making them thinner to reduce weight, while retaining an effective bionic design. The main innovation is the integration of three bearings per link, a first for Igus, guaranteeing better force distribution and longer service life. This optimisation provides greater stability and self-support, enabling the E4Q.64L to outperform previous models in a variety of applications, including demanding environments such as airport boarding bridges.

Credit: E4Q.64L- Igus.fr

A versatile, easy-to-maintain solution

La E4Q.64L conserve les entretoises ouvrables caractéristiques de la série E4Q, facilitant ainsi son installation et sa maintenance. Disponible en 29 largeurs différentes, de 100 à 500 millimètres, cette chaîne porte-câbles s’adapte à un large éventail d’applications. Cette polyvalence, combinée à la facilité d’ouverture et à la variété des tailles, rend la E4Q.64L particulièrement attrayante pour les utilisateurs à la recherche d’une solution à la fois robuste, économique et adaptable.

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