Webinar#4 ALL4PACK EMBALLAGE PARIS: aligning design and sustainability


In an exclusive interview at the forthcoming ALL4PACK EMBALLAGE PARIS webinar on 5 December 2023, Sylvia Vitale Rotta, founder & CEO of Team Creatif Group and President of the EPDA (European Brand & Packaging Design Association), reveals her company’s approach to design and sustainable packaging, as well as the importance of taking part in this webinar.

Can you explain how your agency’s three cultures influence your approach to design and innovation?

The three cultures are very complementary to the ‘design discipline’ and very present with different characteristics. For Italy, elegance, innovation and craftsmanship are the right balance between form and function. With particular attention paid to details that often combine both modernity and tradition. A “just right” blend of whimsical colours with a touch of exuberance.

In France, it’s a blend of refinement, classicism and artistry, often with a sense of sophistication, especially in the world of food, as opposed to the more spontaneous side, closer to nature and simplicity.

In Anglo-Saxon countries, there is a real emphasis on practicality, pragmatism, simplicity and immediacy, easy to decode and understand.

As a B Corp certified company, how do you integrate sustainability principles into your designs?

Sustainability is always supported and promoted in all our projects. For example, our “Stand Green” process helps to reduce ink use through eco-design or by supporting the customer’s CSR strategy. We also help brands to find solutions with even more sustainability criteria, even if this requires heavier and longer-term investment.

Could you tell us more about the ‘Stand Green’ initiative and its objectives?

Stand Green” is a process created with Diadem and Superdev, developed by our engineers using a “digital engineering” process. This process helps to analyse in depth the quantity of ink to be used. This enables us to identify the different layers needed to obtain certain colours and the quantity required. It also helps to know where to place the ink on the packaging to create the image and identity of the product or brand. This process means that inks can be used in the greenest possible way, without compromising the packaging, brand or product identity.

What strategy does your agency adopt to convince customers of the importance of investing in eco-design?

We do this in two ways: either by demonstrating on their products and brands, in a simple and straightforward way, what this will bring, to encourage them to go sustainable with what counts and what this represents for consumer loyalty; or by showing examples that have already been achieved by other countries, brands or categories. This helps them to understand that it is feasible and can be included in their manufacturing costs without wanting to change everything on their production lines.

What will you be talking about at the ALL4PACK EMBALLAGE PARIS webinar on 5 December, on the subject of reconciling new international standards with local consumer expectations?

As founder and CEO of Team Creatif Group and President of EPDA, I’ll be speaking on the international challenges facing packaging.

I’ll be talking about international issues through the prism of the agency and its threefold design culture, with its different stamp of ecology and sustainable development, a spirit of openness and a strong international footprint. I’ll also be talking about ‘Packaging is for people’, and even though it pollutes, it remains vital in many countries. It’s our responsibility as designers to make it sustainable. Today, expectations are high in terms of eco-design (legal) and consumers are prepared to make extra financial efforts for brands that make a commitment. At Team Creatif we combine financial, feasibility and consumer issues. We are a B Corp and we have created a tool to reduce ink use with Stand Green. At EPDA we have drawn up a CSR road map and surveyed our members to determine their needs, expectations and maturity.

Finally, I’ll finish the presentation with a few examples and success stories.

Why is it important to take part in this webinar?

This webinar is important to highlight the role of design, which is one of the keys to supporting the changes in our societies and shaping a more responsible and desirable future.

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