Kiefel GmbH introduces the Speedformer KMD 78.2 Premium


Kiefel GmbH, a pioneer in the design and manufacture of machines for processing polymers and natural fibres, has just launched the Speedformer KMD 78.2 Premium, used in the production of thermoformed polymer packaging.

The successor to the KMD 78.1 Premium, this machine is distinguished by its speed and precision, offering quality production at optimum value for money. It is designed to produce various types of packaging such as trays, containers, hinged boxes and many others, with improved efficiency and flexibility.

Technological improvement and ease of use

Armin Dietrich, Global Director of Kiefel’s Polymer Packaging Division, highlights major advances in the KMD 78.2 Premium, including its ability to change tools quickly and easily, thereby increasing machine utilisation. With more powerful servomotors and an optimised vacuum and forming air system, the machine achieves production speeds of up to 45 cycles per minute. This improvement translates into a significant increase in output. Customers also benefit from precise process control, ensuring product quality.

A versatile, customised machine

The KMD 78.2 Premium stands out for its versatility, thanks to its improved Pick&Place Inline stacking system and other customisation options such as the innovative Tip-stacker. A user-friendly interface with a large touch screen and advanced diagnostic features make it easy to operate and maintain. The first live demonstration of the machine took place during the Packaging Dialogue Days at Kiefel’s headquarters, where a wide range of customers and experts explored these new technologies in packaging production.

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