Mx Domino Series: a new generation of labellers


For its Mx Series, Domino Printing Sciences promises “unrivalled reliability for traceability in the logistics and distribution sector”.

“The growing need for traceability within global supply chains is fuelling demand for reliable product labelling solutions that enable data to be shared quickly and accurately”: it was with this in mind that Domino Printing Sciences developed the Mx Series, designed to provide fully integrated, automated, GS1-compliant coding of products and pallets.

Enhanced connectivity

Domino highlights the two main strengths of this new generation of print and apply label machines: “the printer’s high-speed variable data printing capabilities, up to ten times faster than previous generation print and apply label systems, and enhanced connectivity options to facilitate data sharing.”
On this last point, the range is quite extensive: “advanced connectivity and configuration options include machine vision for automated code inspection and validation, as well as coding automation for improved data sharing, including integration with factory MES and ERP systems”.

Coming soon

The printers are available in left or right-hand versions, with 4″ and 6″ printhead options, and dab and oscillating applicators, with variants offering different operating modes to suit different production applications. Domino says that, in the coming months, “the company expects to announce the launch of further customisable features, including additional applicator types and connectivity options”.

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