Green processing innovations: Thanks to new technologies !

New technologies for the processing sector support ecological innovations that respect the low environmental impact charter

Ecological innovations are one of the new pillars of the circular economy, and were voted for in the “Innovative Technology” category at the ALL4PACK Innovations.

Redefining processing through green innovation

The current trend towards ecological innovations is driven by new pro-environmental considerations and demands from consumers. Progress, yes… at the expense of the environment, no. Sustainable development informs all new projects and every innovation is screened for compliance with pro-environmental issues.

More alert and concerned about the manufacturing process, buyers are now asking about the origin of their products in terms of raw materials and technologies used. A common guideline is to favour low environmental impact and to give priority to products from an eco-responsible production chain.

The concept of ecological innovations defines the sustainable development strategies at the origin of innovative projects, oriented by the optimisation of the exploitation of resources and the respect of the environment.

innovations écologiques processing
Green innovations focus on combining human and automated work in an environmentally friendly way

Ecological processing innovations at the heart of ALL4PACK Innovations

Among the highlights of the ALL4PACK Emballage Paris 2022, the spotlight was on all the innovations presented during the ALL4PACK Innovations.

In the “Innovative Technology” category, exhibitors redoubled their efforts to combine new technologies with ecology.

Engilico was highlighted for its HyperScope innovation – a new hyperspectral weld inspection technology for rigid packaging.

HyperScope’s technology is based on hyperspectral imaging and artificial intelligence, which allows for more thorough inspection of trays. It provides much higher contrast images than traditional systems to detect the risk of contamination through printed films.

HyperScope is used for the inspection of trays containing cold cuts, cheese, ready meals, etc.

An innovative technology that makes packaging durable and minimises the risk of contamination.

Esko-Graphics BVBA’s Esko Solvent Saver technology is an innovative technology that addresses the concerns of industry, both economically and in terms of sustainability.

Esko-Graphics BVBA’s sustainable solution is based on the optimal use of flexo plates: if the entire plate is not needed, then the entire surface should not be covered with solvent.

The results: a reduction in solvent use from 20% to 10% on average, saving up to 7,500 litres of solvent per year, cost reductions and an overall improvement in plate quality.

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