Sustainable cushioning by Fromm France

Fromm France is unveiling its latest innovation in the field of cushioning and protection of parcels during the transport and transit stages

The company’s Airpad cushions are made from recycled paper and containing 99% air. It is an opportunity for us to learn a little more while waiting for the next edition of All4Pack 2024.

Based in Steinhausen, Switzerland, Fromm France has 70 years of experience in the manufacture, sale and service of a wide range of portable tools and automated systems for securing and protecting loads during transport. It offers an expertise within the industry that is well established, but also which continues to grow with ever bolder and more environmentally conscious innovations.

Fromm has long been developing a range of cushioning products to fill the vacuum and protect parcels during transit, striving to reduce the amount of plastic and non-recyclable elements in its processes, including the creation of a range of “Airpads” made from bio-based and recyclable plastic.

“We are actively striving, by all possible means, to develop and produce better products for a better planet, that is our philosophy”, explains Marc Romba, Export Sales and Marketing Manager at Fromm France. “A philosophy highlighted by our latest creation: the Airpad Paper”.

Fromm France is unveiling its latest innovation

The ideal solution for filling, cushioning, protecting and coating

This new range of airpads is a reflection of Fromm’s values: the “airpads” are made from over 75% recycled paper and filled with 99% air, providing the best of both worlds for optimal and environmentally friendly filling and protection. Effective protection for the products, coupled with an excellent unpacking experience for the end user, for a result that is both durable and easy to implement within existing packaging systems.

Once used, these cushions do not require any particular treatment in terms of recycling, and can therefore be treated and recycled very easily, like any other basic paper waste. They are made from high quality materials and can be recycled in separate dedicated recycling streams. With this solution, “Fromm France provides an alternative that is both sustainable and responsible: paper air cushions are easily recyclable with any paper waste thrown in the bin, as well as being FSC certified.”

Easy to recycle, but also easy to shape

Fromm’s “Airpad Paper” offers many opportunities for manufacturers and shippers who want to use an efficient and environmentally friendly solution for shipping their parcels.

The advantages are not only the ease of processing and recycling, but also the fact that it is easy to implement on site.

With the compact Fromm AP150 machine, Airpads Paper can be produced on demand and at high speed, whether in small or large quantities. “This is an example of the great adaptability of Fromm systems, with a machine capable of handling both the so-called “classic” cushioning and filling systems based on plastic, whether recyclable or not, and the more recent ones made of materials such as paper, for example.”

In addition, the machine’s very small footprint makes it extremely easy to implement as an integral part of existing packaging lines, or even as a stand-alone unit in its own right.

La Fromm AP150
The alternative offered by Airpad Paper: an eco-responsible and recyclable padding and filling

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