Euro Pool System, from blue crates to green crates

Since February 1, Euro Pool System has replaced its rigid blue delivery crates with green folding ones. It’s an eco-friendly move which reduces the number of lorry journeys, thanks to more efficient storage.

Green crates instead of blue ones: a choice definitely not dictated by the colour. In fact, since February 1, Euro Pool System, the leading European logistics service provider for reusable packaging in the fresh produce supply chain, has replaced millions of rigid blue crates in circulation in the Benelux countries with the latest generation of foldable green crates.

A standard in Europe

These green collapsible crates have become a standard in the European fresh produce supply chain. They are very strong, they fold and unfold with a simple mechanism and are easily manoeuvred by automated systems. The green reusable collapsible crates are available in eight sizes.

These new crates allow lorries to be filled more efficiently, thereby reducing the number of journeys required. They also help trace the transport of fruit and vegetables, due to a new unique bar code.

Euro Pool System initiated this large-scale transition with the aim of making the transport of fruit and vegetables more sustainable. As a matter of fact, the green crates, because they can be folded up after use, take up seven times less space on return trips. “It is now possible to stack more empty crates in a lorry. This will save 20,000 lorry journeys in the Benelux per year and is therefore an important step towards making the transport of fruit and vegetables more sustainable,” explains Dirk Vercammen, regional manager of Euro Pool System.

Smart crates

The concept of a collapsible crate is innovative and will become the new standard in the European logistics sector. The sturdy crates fold with a simple mechanism and can be used by automated systems. The reusable crates have an average lifespan of seven years. They are made of high quality HDPE and are also 100% recyclable. As well as being foldable, the green crates all have a unique bar code. With them, the crates are scanned at the warehouse entrance and exit, making it possible to control and optimise transport flows.

The move to swap blue crates for green ones will be completed in the middle of the year. As for the old blue crates, they are all collected and recycled…

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