Interview: the reasons for Lyspackaging’s first appearance at ALL4PACK Emballage Paris


The company Lyspackaging, based in Charente-Maritime, near Saintes, has been in existence for seven years. But it is the first time that it will take part in the ALL4PACK Emballage Paris show. Community manager Cateline Baltere speaks exclusively to the ALL4PACK Emballage Paris newsletter team.

What is the story of Lyspackaging? How did you have the idea to get into environmental and vegan packaging?

Cateline Baltere – The company Lyspackaging was created in 2015 by Nicolas Moufflet, president of Lyspackaging. An industrial designer and engineer in plastics processing, 20 years ago he started researching biomaterials, at the time corn.

The environmental problems linked to the overproduction of packaging and the failure of recycling to regulate this flux are the reasons for his determination to find vegetal packaging (not from agriculture intended for food) that is biodegradable and compostable like a plant. It should be noted that the VEGANBOTTLE brand does not mean vegan packaging but is suggestive of plants.

Is it easier today to attract companies with vegan packaging? Is the demand there and do you think it is growing?

Companies are bound by environmental objectives, sustainable development goals (SDGs), the anti-waste law for a circular economy (AGEC), reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, fight against plastic pollution, saving energy and natural resources. However, packaging is a necessity with the problems related to its conservation, its hygiene, transport, distribution or even information on products. Let’s add the various geopolitical conflicts affecting the cost of raw materials (glass, oil). In this fragile and complex context, our containers meet production and processing constraints in an eco-responsible way. These are the consumers who today expect a container to be non-toxic. Without bisphenol A, phthalates, disruptors, and that it is recoverable at the end of its life. The emergence of our containers can therefore only progress.

What kinds of packaging do you offer?

Our packaging is made from renewable resources, 100% bio-sourced, biodegradable and industrially compostable, as part of a 5R circular economy “from the earth to the earth”. This applies to our standard containers – bottles, jars, pillboxes, beverage bottles, reusable cups, water bottles, stoppers, tubes, shooters. But it also applies to our unique, custom-made containers, which our design office designs, 3D prints, moulds and produces in limited series. We also create small objects in plant-based materials. This includes glasses, caps, toothbrushes, phone cases, hair slides, technical parts, etc…

How do you work with your customers? Do you ship your products regionally, across France, throughout Europe? And if this is the case for France and Europe, do you use an eco-friendly carrier?

We work in France and internationally. Everything is produced and stored in our factory in Charente Maritime, which limits transport, mainly to roads. Internationally, to avoid bottles crossing the planet, we are developing licensing. We have also established VEGANBOTTLE production units abroad.

Companies understand the environmental issues, especially on islands that bury their waste. The first factory is the investment of be.eau’s in Mauritius. The second should be set up in October 2022 by the company BioWithYou in Guadeloupe.

Which products are you working on today?

All of our containers are lightweight, reusable and can be employed again. In particular, we offer a range for the sale of goods not individually packaged. And we are developing a water bottle for Decathlon in Pa% bio-sourced reed. Our research has reached maturity to develop 100% bio-sourced cosmetic jars in linen, reed, hemp…, that are reusable or with a refillable capsule. There is a strong demand from the sector looking for solutions.

What are you expecting from ALL4PACK Emballage Paris? Will this be a premiere for Lyspackaging?

The ALL4PACK show is indeed a premiere for Lyspackaging. We want to make our solution known and to meet professionals from the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics sectors, among others. The logistics part is a major challenge in the development of the company. Lyspackaging is growing thanks to its third round of fundraising, so the show is an opportunity to meet experts.

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