Esko meets the growing demand to accelerate digital transformation with its innovative software suite


Esko continues to simplify and optimise production with a focus on colour consistency, data processing and information power.

The packaging industry continues to grow and adapt in the face of very strong threats. These include supply chain instability, labour shortages, and the rising cost of consumer goods and energy. All these factors point to the same fact : converters need to improve their efficiency throughout the production flow.

That is why Esko launched a series of innovations on March 28 that aim to help companies accelerate their digital transformation and gain significant productivity gains.

This is the task of Esko’s software suite version 22.03. It is particularly user-friendly, removing the barriers to digital transformation and ensuring that the user has the data, analytics and production intelligence to solve any problem.

A powerful 22.03 software suite

The 22.03 software suite includes a host of new features, such as

– Next generation Color Preflight with Automation Engine and ArtPro+

– Assembly instructions with ArtiosCAD, reducing assembly time by 20%.

– Native Apple Silicon support for ArtPro+, DeskPack and Studio.

– ArtPro+ Digital Edition for digital print workflows.

– Enhanced user experience and reporting in WebCenter

“The newest software release offers a number of innovations that will streamline complex workflows,” says Jan de Roeck, Marketing Director, Industry Relations and Strategy at Esko. “We are simplifying processes from structural design to reporting analysis, ensuring control, and offering state-of-the-art colour management software to ensure quality results at previously unattainable levels.

“Many companies are now digitising a lot of their processes, tasks and workflows. We continue to support this ongoing digitisation by improving our solutions so that they are even more powerful and robust, while remaining easy to use and user-friendly,” says de Roeck.

“This version therefore meets a growing need for usable information. And for companies that are already well advanced in their digital transformation, we offer them the possibility to increase their productivity by using the equipment they already have”, adds the Director Marketing and Industrial Relations.

The new reporting tools available in Automation Engine and the business analysis tools offered in WebCenter allow to transform this data into useful information to improve production efficiency and further reduce waste.

A customer-centred software suite

As an example, Esko takes into account the need for colour accuracy and consistency, a key concern of brands and customers. This is the reason why Esko has integrated its next generation Color Preflight solution into ArtPro+ and Automation Engine.

“It enables true anticipation of colour conversion results. Moreover, thanks to the criteria for colour quality assurance, it not only offers high accuracy on press, but also simplifies and accelerates the editing process, making colour matching easier,” describes de Roeck.

The presence of ArtPro+ in the new digital edition underlines Esko’s commitment to digital print production. It also ensures native Apple Silicon support for ArtPro+, DeskPack and Studio.

“Version 22.03 of the Esko software suite provides added value throughout the entire workflow, from conceptualisation to production, from protecting the integrity of the original design to optimising the efficiency of the entire process and reducing the amount of waste generated,” tells de Roeck. 

By Veronika Verzhak

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