THE BOX, the innovative and reusable package by LivingPackets


The innovative start-up is banking on this connected, smart, safe and reusable package

Awarded numerous times, notably at the 2020 and 2021 editions of the CES in Las Vegas

This is one of the innovations that is the pride of LivingPackets. This start-up, which places intelligence at the heart of delivery with increased traceability made possible by the IoT, is revolutionizing parcel delivery, with its latest version THE BOX, its connected, secure, intelligent and reusable parcel up to 1,000 times, protected by 36 international patents. THE BOX makes it possible to no longer use cardboard, adhesive tape, padding, labels or bubble wrap, while this method of shipping continues to develop with online sales, particularly in France where 500 million packages are sent every year.

The Box

Awarded numerous times, in particular at the 2020 and 2021 editions of the CES in Las Vegas, THE BOX, a pretty black plastic box sprinkled with fluorescent green, above all makes it possible to track and control a parcel in real time thanks to a GPS, while by being equipped with a shock, temperature and humidity sensor. This technology is at the service of efficiency for both the sender and the customer; it makes it possible to avoid the loss or deterioration of packages, but also to save time without waiting in vain for a delivery. The box unlocks from an application downloaded to his mobile phone. Once used, The Box must be returned or dropped off at a collection point.

ALL4Pack innovation award ceremony.

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