Esko launches version 23.11 of its packaging production software


Esko, a leading provider of software solutions for the packaging industry, has announced the launch of its latest software release, 23.11.

Designed to optimise the efficiency of packaging production, the new release underlines Esko’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. Jan De Roeck, Marketing Director at Esko, underlines the company’s aim to offer customers innovative ways to improve working practices, reduce waste and optimise operational processes. This initiative responds to current market challenges and aims to accelerate the time-to-market for packaged goods.

Version 23.11 features

Esko version 23.11 incorporates a number of new features and enhancements. These include secure plate output in Automation Engine for faster quality control, while the enhanced integration of Automation Engine with Share & Approve enables seamless collaboration between prepress, customers and stakeholders. In addition, efficiency is increased through the optimisation of Cape Pack pallets for folding cartons. Esko has also introduced new tools in ArtiosCAD for automatic recognition of no-copy areas in 3D designs, and enhancements in ArtPro+ to further automate prepress tasks.

Release 23.11 presentation and availability to users

Esko will make version 23.11 of its software available to all customers from 31 October. A live webinar is scheduled for 13 November to present the new features and tools in detail. This presentation will give users the opportunity to discover how Esko’s innovations make the packaging design and development process more connected and transparent. With this update, Esko reaffirms its commitment to providing advanced technologies to help its customers meet current and future challenges, improving efficiency, reducing costs and minimising the risk of errors.

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