Market trends: a look back at packaging trends in 2023, between innovation and retro-inspiration


ALL4PACK EMBALLAGE PARIS takes stock of the 2023 packaging trends that have marked the year and examines the packaging inspirations of tomorrow.

Between a return to minimalist basics and the packaging trends of 2023, one watchword is guiding the entire packaging ecosystem: sustainable solutions.

Packaging trends 2023: focus on eco-friendly packaging

The world of packaging is constantly evolving, in response to changing consumer needs and the imperatives of sustainability. The year 2023 brought a mix of a return to basics, trends and innovations, blending originality and eco-responsibility.

Ecological packaging: eco-responsible and minimalist

Among the packaging trends for 2023, ecological packaging is a fundamental trend that is only becoming more pronounced.

Consumers are increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of packaging, and this is prompting companies to rethink their choice of materials and manufacturing processes.

Ecological packaging that favours recyclable materials – such as cardboard, kraft paper and glass – is on the up.

The emphasis is on reducing waste, simplifying the sorting process for users, and making recycling easier for the various channels.

Minimalism is part of this approach, with streamlined designs and packaging reduced to the bare essentials. Brands are embracing these 2023 packaging trends by adopting minimalist approaches to communicate simplicity, transparency and heightened environmental awareness.

Biodegradable or reusable packaging: zero waste

Among the packaging trends for 2023, biodegradable packaging is gaining in popularity.
Companies are exploring organic materials that decompose naturally, leaving no harmful traces on the environment. In particular, biodegradable plastics offer an alternative to petroleum-based plastics, reducing dependence on fossil fuels.

At the same time, the notion of reusing packaging is gaining ground. Reusable packaging – such as cloth bags, glass containers or durable boxes – encourages consumers to adopt responsible behaviour and minimise waste.


Packaging trends 2023: original packaging

Alongside the eco-responsible packaging trends of 2023, the packaging of today and tomorrow is seeking to combine eco-responsibility with originality.

Vintage packaging: the return of retro inspiration

Vintage packaging is enjoying a revival. Consumers are on the lookout for old school designs – with brightly coloured packaging, retro typography and vintage illustrations that create an emotional connection with the product right from the packaging.

Coloured packaging: between originality and personalisation

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In 2023, packaging will become an artistic canvas. Brands are working with artists to create unique designs that capture the attention of consumers.

This artistic approach extends to the design of limited-edition packaging and special collections, creating a sense of exclusivity and uniqueness.

Multifunctional packaging: dual use and reuse

Multifunctional packaging offers multiple experiences, by creating packaging that is easy to divert from its original use, and leaves room for the creativity of consumers who have the choice of reusing or recycling their packaging.

Customer experience is at the heart of this new flagship approach to packaging trends in 2023, encouraging consumers to interact more with the brand beyond the initial purchase. Packaging becomes an extension of the brand’s identity, encouraging customer engagement and loyalty.

Packaging trends to watch closely in 2024

Among the evolving packaging trends of 2023, the focus on the customer is the number one orientation of tomorrow’s trends. In 2024, manufacturers are preparing to focus more on packaging presentation. Or how to put an end to passivity, and promote an active customer experience thanks to interactive packaging.

Packaging with specific messages will be more popular, and the QR codes that have been popular in recent years will be replaced by NFC tags.
The main aim behind this transformation remains to offer consumers additional information about the brand, the product, its origin and its life cycle.

With a timeless objective in mind: greater transparency, security, traceability and sustainability.

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