Epalia, French leader in pallet reuse

The French leader in pallet reuse, Epalia processes 16 million pallets per year and is a key player in the circular economy of handling materials.

The pallet is an essential handling medium for the exchange of goods and the logistics industry. Epalia is a leader in the field of reusing pallets. As the company writes on its website, “following the model of checkout bags, which are now reused, we act in favour of the reuse of all pallets. We adjust our offer in accordance with the needs of our customers and their partners”.

The French leader in pallet reuse has its headquarters are in Lyon, is present on more than 40 sites, and processes 16 million pallets per year, all ranges included. For Epalia, the pallet is not a waste product but a valuable asset. As a player in the circular economy, its business extends from the purchase and sale of pallets to the management of handling equipment.

Pallets recycling is not subject to French waste tracking regulations (BSD). It is a tertiary packaging, a handling support, essential for the transport of goods. However, all pallets can be reused. Industrialists, distributors, logistics service providers, waste managers, whatever their activity, whatever the type of pallets used, whatever the size of the company, whether local or national, Epalia works in deep cooperation with its clients to offer the most suitable solution.

The company even takes care of pallets left by its own clients’ service providers. Teams can come and collect unused pallets on request or contract for their recovery. Once recovered, the pallets are checked, repaired if necessary and then put back into circulation to be reused as a handling medium.

Thanks to digital tools and teams that are firmly rooted in their territories, the compan unused pallets are no longer a problem. An expertise recognised by more than 5,000 customers in a wide variety of sect

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