Propagroup reinvents palletisation


Specialising in the production and distribution of products and systems for packaging and wrapping, Propagroup has recently made a name for itself by launching a brand new concept in sustainable palletising: the “Propasheet”.

These “slip sheets” made of compact “Propasheet” fibres differ from traditional pallets in that they do not have a carrying system: in the form of simple sheets made from environmentally friendly materials, they are designed to be picked up, pulled and finally slid onto the forks of the lifting equipment by means of a “Push and Pull” system that can easily be adapted to any pallet truck. Propagroup thus offers a more than interesting option for the entire logistics world.

“Propasheet” allows a significant reduction in volume

In addition to a new palletising concept that greatly reduces the risk of breakage, “Propasheets” cost 4 to 5 times less to produce than a traditional pallet, are more resistant, lighter and make the best use of space: in fact, 500 “Propasheets” occupy the same space as the storage of 10 pallets, thus taking up a minimum of space.

This makes them an ideal solution for reducing storage volumes, weight and costs in all shipping, storage and handling operations.

An optimal alternative solution

With the launch of this new palletising concept, Propagroup has also solved the thorny problem of fumigation of wood, which is mandatory in some countries, while guaranteeing maximum hygiene and total recyclability of the device, which could, in the long term, completely replace the use of wooden pallets in the logistics and transport sectors, given the advantages it offers.

Presentation of Propasheet – Propagroup.

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