Storopack’s new environmentally friendly packaging is a game changer

Ecological and compostable, the new Storopack solutions bring a breath of fresh air to the sustainable packaging sector.

Founded in 1874, the leather tannery Johannes Reichenecker became Storopack Hans Reichenecker GmbH in 1959. Based in Metzingen, south of Stuttgart, Germany, it specialises in the protective packaging sector: the global company produces and supplies flexible, tailor-made protective packaging for the various sectors it supplies.

Innovation is of course one of the driving forces behind the company, which has constantly developed packaging solutions to meet the demands of a constantly changing and increasingly sustainable market.

In this sense, AIRplus Bio Home Compostable air cushion film completes the Storopack range. It meets all the criteria for bioplastics, is partially bio based, and uses the totally natural and renewable resource of starch. It is also certified by TÜV Austria for home composting and can be disposed of with organic waste in the home composting system.

Storopack: Efficient and durable

Extremely light, the air cushions not only reduce shipping weight, but also reduce plastic waste by closing the natural cycle loop: at least 90% of the film will degrade into natural resources within 365 days, without any plastic or toxic waste, in accordance with the EN-13432 standard governing certification. Microbes and heat also convert the remaining 10% into carbon dioxide, water and biomass.

The certification guarantees that the biomass is friendly to both flora and fauna. Air cushions made from this innovative organic film have advanced packaging characteristics and are designed to reliably protect light and medium weight goods.

Compostable and responsible, but also isothermal

Another innovation from Storopack is the new Renature Thermo protective packaging for the shipment of foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals and other temperature-sensitive products. Like AIRplus, Renature Thermo is made from starch by-products or waste, which are then wrapped in moisture-resistant paper and are easily compostable and recyclable.

The U-shape also contributes to a fast, ergonomic and efficient packaging process with two protections that cover all six sides of the goods. Finally, the packaging is ultra-light, which also helps to reduce the burden of packaging tasks and the associated shipping costs.

It can be reused several times and disposed of in a very simple and environmentally friendly way: paper and starch can be recycled and composted easily, as they are made entirely of renewable raw materials. After use, recipients can separate the two components and recycle them with the paper, compost them or even dispose of them as biological waste.

Storopack is committed!

By definition, responsible packaging is packaging that uses as few resources as possible and does not compete with human food.

Storopack demonstrates with these new packages that all medium-weight goods, including those sensitive to temperature changes, such as foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals, can be transported in a sustainable manner, while maintaining optimal safety conditions for the product, even when isothermal requirements are involved.

“Our goal for 2025 is that at least 50% of our raw materials come from recycled or renewable resources, such as starch. Our new AIRplus Bio Home Compostable film and Renature Thermo bring us one step closer to this goal,” explains Vicentina Pereira, Air and Loose Fill Product Manager at Storopack.

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