Join ALL4PACK’s exclusive webinar “Packaging Revolution” on 28 June 2022


ALL4PACK is organising an exclusive webinar on June 28 entitled “The Packaging Revolution, new models tested, progress or regression?”. This webinar is essential for anyone looking to better understand the current climate.

Never before have packaging manufacturers questioned themselves so much. They are examining their future, looking to improve it, rethinking it completely or changing it altogether. These questions have been raised by the new consumer context, which is increasingly focused on sustainability, as well as today’s tense geopolitical context.

What factors are driving the Packaging Revolution

So what factors are challenging the established order?

  • Laws requiring the industry to think “3Rs” for reduce, reuse, recycle, so packaging is compliant with these rules an anticipates future legislation;
  • Growing pressure from consumers who express strong and sometimes contradictory expectations about the packaged products they consume and waste it generates;
  • Strong willed distributors who have made this subject, particularly the reduction of plastic, a core argument in their communication in favour of the environment
  • Respect for commitments in their CSR policy, which very often contains a chapter on reducing the impact of their packaging
  • A rising awareness by some players within the industry that the current model has run its course and must now be reconsidered…

The “Packaging Revolution” is well and truly underway, with its daily batch of new solutions. Even with the Covid health crisis, soaring costs of raw materials, shortages and the war in Ukraine the pace of new packaging launches has not slowed.

A webinar to better anticipate and understand

Clearly most of these are in line with the major trends presented in 2020 in Fabrice Peltier’s book “The Packaging Revolution, First Period, The Emergence of New Solutions”. What was described yesterday as an emerging trend has now become a day-to-day reality in some cases, which are continuing to gain ground. For Guillaume SCHAEFFER, Director of ALL4PACK, “we have entered a new phase of the Packaging Revolution, that of experimenting with new models. In a context of ‘shocking slogans’ and ‘greener than green’ communications, every new solution claims to be better than the next one. It is up to us to check the legitimacy of what is being said by concretely measuring whether there is progress or not.”

This webinar produced by ALL4PACK Emballage Paris and hosted by Guillaume SCHAEFFER, Exhibition Director, and Fabrice PELTIER, packaging expert, will examine the state of the packaging industry.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of all these new “ethical-packaging” concepts ? Can they be improved over time and made even more virtuous? The webinar on 28 June will answer these questions. Register now using the following link.

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