Citeo: key recycling figures


Citeo, a company specialising in the recycling of household packaging and graphic paper, has published key figures for recycling in France, as well as an assessment of its eco-design and re-use initiatives.

Slowly but surely, sorting is becoming a way of life for the French, but also for the equipment available to them. The proof is in these key figures published by Citeo at the end of February, which show that “thanks to the simplification of the sorting process, 98% of people in France can sort all their packaging and paper”. But while the average is 72 kg sorted/year/inhabitant in 2022 (i.e. 56.5 kg/inhabitant for packaging and 15.5 kg/inhabitant for paper), there are huge differences between the 16.5 kg sorted/year/inhabitant in Guadeloupe and the 106 kg sorted/year/inhabitant in Brittany…
The recycling rate for household packaging also varies considerably between plastic (24.5%) and steel or glass (86%).

Ecodesign and reuse

This summary article also provides an update on progress in eco-design and reuse, under the aegis of Citeo and Adelphe.
In the area of eco-design, Citeo has helped “20,000 companies with their 3R strategy” and “17 joint and sectoral prevention and eco-design plans drawn up with professional organisations”, for a total investment of €12 million.
In the field of reuse, there are “152 initiatives funded under the “Encore plus de réemploi” call for projects” and “€39 million dedicated to the development of reuse” in 2023.

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