Citeo announces the approval of its subsidiary Citeo Pro

Dedicated to catering packaging, Citeo Pro has just been approved for a six-year period to process packaging used by the CHR (cafés, hotels, restaurants) sector

The official launch of the EPR for the catering industry has led Citeo to create a dedicated subsidiary called Citeo Pro. Approved for six years, this new entity will take charge of packaging waste from businesses with a primary or secondary catering activity (cafés, hotels, restaurants, petrol stations, fast-food outlets, etc.) with a view to ensuring its reduction, reuse or recycling in existing channels.

Four objectives

For Citeo, the creation of Citeo Pro was an obvious choice. ‘Citeo has been involved in the EPR for household packaging and paper from the outset. We see it as a matter of course to put these 30 years of expertise at the service of the catering packaging sector. We want to provide appropriate solutions for our customers who place their products on the market and for every player in the catering sector, throughout the country, by co-constructing solutions with all the stakeholders involved,’ said Jean Horsain, Citeo’s Managing Director, at the launch of Citeo Pro, which has been assigned four major objectives:

  • To develop eco-design of packaging for products used in the catering industry
  • Accelerate the development of re-use, without disrupting existing systems
  • Roll out a nationwide collection and sorting system at a controlled cost
  • Raise awareness and mobilise customers, both manufacturers and caterers, around the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle).

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