Antalis presents the new colours in the Arlon Premium Colour Change range


10 new colours have been added to the range of Arlon Premium Colour Change vinyl films for vehicle wrapping, bringing the total to 40

A tinted cast vinyl film, equipped with FLITE Technology, guaranteeing quick and easy installation, excellent repositioning and clean removal, with no adhesive residue on the vehicle: this is the Arlon Premium Colour Change concept, which has just been extended to include a wider range of colours.

“The highest level of brilliance”

Available in gloss, matt and satin finishes, including aluminium and metallic effects, the Arlon Premium Colour Change range now offers 40 different colours for full or partial vehicle wraps. This expansion of the range in no way detracts from its intrinsic qualities. ‘Designed with invisible air channels, its liner allows bubble-free application for an ultra-smooth finish. The specially adapted protective film on the glossy colours ensures the highest level of brilliance,’ says Antalis, who invites you to discover the colours available on its website.

Credit: Antalis

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