Beumer: a stretch sleeve for safer packaging


Tailor-made for easy implementation as an integrated or stand-alone solution, Beumer stretch tubing features a secure seal to prevent tampering during storage and transportation.

Wrapping pallets economically, safely and automatically is a tricky business. With its stretch hood, the Beumer Group offers a tailor-made solution that prevents handling, damage or other impacts during storage and transport. Each system is tailor-made by Beumer to meet the requirements of each application and can be integrated into the customer’s conveyor system or supplied as a separate stand-alone solution.

An automated end-of-line solution

How does this sleeve secure the packaging? The answer is given by Jörg Spiekermann, head of the Beumer Group’s consumer goods division: ‘Ensuring that goods are stable, secure and protected when they enter or leave the warehouse is essential to maximise profitability, minimise waste and avoid returns. Placing film on a pallet is the easy part: ensuring that the contents are accurately centred, weighed and measured before they are finally sealed requires reproducible accuracy and consistency that can only be achieved through automation. Our stretch hood technology makes it easy to deploy an automated end-of-line solution. Our solution minimises the risk of human error during this critical phase and applies a protective seal that guards against damage or theft’.

Multiple uses, reduced costs

With applications ranging from high quality electronic items to food and beverage packaging and palletised loads of building materials, Beumer stretch hooding is suitable for securing goods entering pallets and final packaging, as goods are taken out for shipping and transportation. It achieves maximum load stability through a combination of vertical and horizontal contraction forces on the film, which is flexible enough to accommodate different product sizes. No air cooling of the film sealing bead is required, meaning this film packaging machine has relatively low running costs.

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