Algopal, the seaweed-based palette


As an exhibitor at ALL4PACK 2023, BacLANDPACK is announcing the launch of Algopal, a plastic pallet made from 30% algae residues.

According to BacLANDPACK, it took almost ‘two years of intense work’ in partnership with Breton manufacturer Algopack to design this new-generation pallet, which ‘meets the challenges of eco-design of reusable packaging and the complex needs of the supply chain’.

100% made in France

BacLANDPACK continues: ‘The revolutionary technique involves creating a composite material from 70% recycled polypropylene and 30% seaweed residues (dried and reduced to powder). The whole process is 100% made in France, from collecting the seaweed to producing the finished products.
This proposal has already won over Lyreco, which recently replaced the wooden pallets in its logistics centres with Algopal pallets. On its website, Lyreco lists the advantages of its new system: ‘10 kg less than wooden pallets, 3 times more stacking capacity in a lorry and 100% recycled and recyclable biocomposite materials’.

These advantages should not go unnoticed for long by companies looking for eco-design for their logistics equipment…

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